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Cosmetic Makeovers

Crowns & Veneers: The Path to a Perfect Smile


Dental crowns may be used for various reasons when a tooth has been severely decayed or cracked. As a result, a filling cannot strengthen a tooth sufficiently or replace enough of the tooth. Parts of a broken tooth are then held together by the crown.

Dental crowns can cover teeth that are significantly stained or malformed and improve aesthetics. Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns and, more recently, Metal-Free Zirconia crowns are two materials used to make dental crowns.


These are known as Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) Crowns because they are essentially metallic crowns on the inside that are covered in tooth-colored porcelain. Since a very long time ago, we at Inspire Dental have been leaders in the field of high-quality work in crown fabrication. We strongly encourage you to use our enormous experience to receive some of the exceptional work that is representative of our practice.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns offer a robust, long-lasting, and aesthetic treatment option. In addition, PFM crowns may be preferred for your posterior teeth because they may be more durable.


Dental Bridge

Making dental bridges, which can be used to replace missing teeth by using the support of adjacent teeth, has fallen down the list of preferred treatments for replacing missing teeth since the introduction of implants. However, there are still circumstances where we may be compelled to make bridges as a treatment option; in these cases, you would need to discuss the situation with our team to determine the necessity.



Today, zirconia or aluminous materials are used to create all-ceramic crowns. They offer you, the patient, the ideal method for a cosmetic smile makeover that eliminates the need for the stabilizing metal core. The anesthetic all-ceramic crown can be used for the front cosmetic makeover of your teeth to give you the perfectly straight, brilliantly white Hollywood smile you may have always desired.


Veneers, which need very little cutting and can be utilized to create the ideal cosmetic smile, are also made from zirconium-based metal-free material. These Zirconium-based Veneers and Crowns also have the added benefit of being more translucent naturally, with features that mimic natural teeth in terms of light transmission and a greater level of aesthetics for the ideal cosmetic smile makeover.

One of the most experienced dentists in Karachi to offer this therapy is Dr. Arif Alvi, who graduated with a master’s in prosthodontics from the University of Michigan in 1974. Therefore, you will receive only the highest caliber dental care at Inspire Dental Hospital.


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