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We are the founders of implant placement in Pakistan; Dr. Arif Alvi is among the first dentists in Pakistan to have placed implants since early 1990, and since then, we have positioned thousands of implants in every scenario a patient could need, so we can confidently say that we have completed cases of the highest complexity.

By some of Pakistan’s most skilled dentists, it is without a doubt the BEST implant clinic in Karachi.

What are Implants:

The roots of your lost teeth might be replaced by implants, which are titanium screws. They serve as a base for dentures, bridges, and crowns. In addition, your jawbone is surgically fitted with implants. Implants typically feel safer and more realistic than alternative tooth replacement options.

How long do implants take to complete?

There are two steps to the process.

Step 1: When your implants are placed, the procedure takes only 30 minutes and is completely sterile. After numbing the area, the gum is exposed, and a small drill is used to help insert the implant into your jawbone. At home, expect mild to severe swelling, but with effective antibiotics, the pain and swelling can be kept to a minimum. Our doctors may insert resorbable sutures following the installation of the implants, and you would be requested to visit us 5–6 days after the operation for a follow-up. You can carry on with your daily activities while the implant is unaltered for around three to six months to give it time to integrate with the bone.

Step 2: After three to six months, we will bring you back into our office to take a few measuring impressions. Depending on the complexity, this may require two or three meetings, but you should plan around two weeks for this process. We will create the finest teeth possible for you, adhering to the strictest international standards and giving you the smile of which you may be incredibly proud.

What Are the Costs of Implants?

The price of dental implants will vary depending on various factors, including the number of replacement teeth and the number of implants needed to support them. You are more than welcome to visit us for a free thorough consultation, during which the professional doctor will assess your situation and advise you on the associated costs. Get your first consultation right away for FREE.

Will dental implants be effective for me?

Anybody who has one or more teeth missing. The quantity of bone that is available in the fundamental restriction. Our medical professionals can assess whether dental implants are a good option for you.

What if I’m not in Karachi and am traveling?

Try your best to receive the highest caliber care available. Dental tourism is a booming industry in Pakistan; people travel to Karachi to have implants installed because it is less expensive than in many other locations, such as the US, UK, Canada, or Europe.

If you are a patient on the go, get in touch with our staff by emailing us or giving us a WhatsApp call at 0345 4677878.

Travelers must arrive for a half-day appointment for Step 1 and can return for Step 2 any time after three months. Step 2 may take two or three weeks, so anticipate being requested to stay in the city. We promise to do everything possible to finish the treatment as fast as possible.

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