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Lingual Braces - Another Alternative To Braces

What are Lingual Braces?

The most challenging hurdle for anyone with crooked teeth is to have the confidence to wear metal braces. Fear of embarrassing wedding photos with a “metal braces look” or even workplace mocking for having a “metal mouth.” Transparent/ceramic braces can help cover some of the “metal braces look,” but they may not be enough to convince you to undertake the procedure.

If you have crooked teeth, one good alternative is to have the braces placed behind your teeth so that no one notices them. In the meantime, rather magically and without anyone knowing, your teeth will gradually become straighter until you have the perfect smile.

Because lingual braces are placed behind your teeth, no one needs to know you’re wearing braces. Because these braces are made of a gold alloy, you should be wary of the high expense of lingual braces, but they may still be an option for you to consider.

Lingual Braces or Aligners?

The question of whether it is worthwhile to invest the time and money to get lingual braces or aligners is still up for debate. However, keep in mind that when treating severely crowded or complicated cases, our doctors will typically recommend braces. You can select metallic, ceramic, white, or lingual braces. You can get advice from our doctors on what is best for you.

Throughout his post-graduate training at Saint Louis University, Dr. Awab Alvi received in-depth expertise in the precise treatment of lingual orthodontics. With technological advancements, Inspire Dental is proud to be one of the first few dental clinics to offer computer precision-designed lingual braces for your teeth, providing a significant advantage of faster treatment without the hassles and problems associated with traditional (older) lingual orthodontic treatment. No one knew you had braces because everything was perfectly hidden behind your teeth.

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