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3D CTBT Scanning Innovative Technology

Cutting Edge Diagnosis

Inspire Dental Clinic uses cutting-edge digital x-ray technology and a 3D cone beam CT scanner to provide the highest quality dental care.

Today, having a 3D machine on hand is regarded as a prerequisite for dental procedures all over the world. The benefits are astounding.

Manual dental x-rays, which produce a 2D image or picture, were formerly the gold standard, but they had their limitations. A basic tooth may now be scanned with a resolution of 76 m (micrometers), which is nearly finer than a human hair, thanks to the development of 3D CBCT technology. With this resolution, even before starting any treatment, your dentist can thoroughly examine your teeth.

This technology can provide a more precise diagnosis for root canals, implants, orthodontics, and even simple surgical difficulties. A 3D CBCT machine has limitless diagnostic potential.

Pakistani Leaders in Advanced Dental Services

We can now comfortably assert that we have the First Dental 3D/CT machine in Pakistan after having the First Dental Microscope in Pakistan. And more recently, the acquisition of a 3D printer, an intraoral scanner by 3Shape, and the entire Aligners technology studio. In Pakistan, we are unquestionably the most technologically advanced clinic.

We provide these services as part of our dedication to being the finest in Pakistani dentistry. Since this main computer system connects all of our systems, our practice is completely paperless. All of our x-ray equipment has received Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission safety certification.

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