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Kids Dentistry

Treating all Kids with Tender Loving Care


Inspire Dental is proud to offer children’s dentistry that is second to none, thanks to the specialists we have on staff and how we treat all of our patients, especially how children’s teeth need to be treated. Dr. Saleha Shah, a pedodontist, specializing in treating children’s teeth, is a member of our staff.

A good children’s dentist will take the time and care necessary to comprehend this impressionable age and help patients overcome their worries about visiting a clinic and receiving treatment.

Our clinic aims to provide a setting where your child or children can form a positive attitude about dentistry that will last a lifetime. They will be able to acquire and retain healthy teeth because of these abilities. Our team spends extra effort and time with each patient to accomplish this aim.

The most frequently asked question by parents.

“Help! What should I do if my child’s adult teeth emerge later than their baby teeth?

Answer: This is a very frequent occurrence in kids, usually due to a lower primary (baby) tooth failing to fall out while the permanent tooth was erupting. If the baby tooth begins to wiggle, it will typically fall out on its own within two months. If it doesn’t, come in for a quick checkup so we can advise you on whether it needs to be removed by us right away or if we can wait a little while. After that, the permanent tooth should erupt into position.

The First Visit by the 1st Birthday of Your Child

Answer: It is fascinating that more than one in four kids worldwide have cavities by the time they are four years old, and sometimes even earlier! Give your child the best gift on his or her first birthday: a set of healthy teeth!

Tooth decay can start as soon as a baby’s first teeth come in. It can advance quickly, hurting or even destroying the permanent teeth still developing beneath the gums. Untreated tooth decay can ruin an infant’s or young child’s teeth and impact the child’s general health.

They need orthodontic treatment in advance, stainless steel crowns, pulp or root infection treatments, and fillings. We regularly apply sealants, provide fluoride therapy to prevent cavities, and recommend scheduling frequent checkups.

Our team does all in its power to make your kids’ dental visits as enjoyable as possible. We think your kids may avoid cavities by practicing good oral hygiene at home, visiting the dentist regularly, and having preventive procedures. We handle children with special needs and see patients from birth to age 18, making us the ideal “dental home” for your children.

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