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Need Dental Treatment?
But Cost is too High in Your Country

Take a quick trip to Pakistan
Get all Your Dental Treatment done
and Save Over ~80% OFF

Living in UK or US where dental treatment is unbearably too expensive explore the options of Dental Tourism in Pakistan for your dental treatments?  High prices leads to people ignoring their dental problems which start piling up and lead to a major compromise in quality of life.

Do you have an upcoming trip to Pakistan to visit family & friends or even for a scheduled wedding in the family.   How about during these short visits you could get some dental treatment and save yourself upwards of 80% which could even pay for your flight ticket & stay plus leave a hefty savings as well

Our team at Inspire Dental can assure you that your dental travel will be one of the best options you can choose.  When you choose us, you can be sure of getting cutting edge, affordable treatment with absolute no compromise to sterilization or quality of care

Dental Treatment Tourism in Pakistan

Affordable Dental Care

Affordable Rates Beating International Prices 

3 implants at a practice in the US can costs around $15,000
but at Inspire Dental you might pay $2,000
That’s $13,000 of savings (~85%)
and plus you have also solved your dental health concerns

Compare us to various treatment costs around the world


Teeth Replacements

$550Rs 125,000
US $ 5,000
UK £ 3,000

Saving you +80%
Save Now


Smile Make Over

$150Rs 35,000
US $ 1,500
UK £ 1,000

Saving you +80%
Save Now


Fix Crooked Teeth

$1,000Rs 250,000
US $ 5,000
UK £ 3,000

Saving you +80%
Save Now

Why Choose Inspire Dental for your Next Dental Travel?

Pakistan has several dental clinics that provide dental care services. Our top-rated dental services are what set us apart from our competitors. Starting from planning your holiday to offering premium dental treatments, we will take care of everything. We will also take care of transport and meals if you need us to.

We organize the perfect dental tourism journey for patients

Our dental treatment will require a visit of around 3 to 5 days. We help you to plan places of interest to see during your visit. We can offer customized travel arrangements which can be made on request

We provide premium dental treatments with 80% savings

Your smile is definitely worth it! Some of our top-class dental treatments include – dental implants, crowns, smile makeovers and laminate veneers at reasonable rates. Our team of dentists have many years of experience and offer the best possible treatment to everyone with their “Dental Travel to Pakistan” experience.

FAQ's for Dental Tourism to Pakistan

A dental implant is a great solution if you need the whole structure of your tooth to be replaced.  Reach out to our team on email or WhatsApp with your details so that we can properly guide you with treatment planning for your entire treatment.

1st Visit

1st Appointment: Implant Placement – We need you to come in on the first visit to meet and discuss the entire process in detail.  If you feel comfortable then it is possible to initiate the implant placement procedure during the same visit.

The implant placement is done under local anesthesia so you will have no pain.  Once th implants are placed we will place surgical sutures to cover the site.   You need to be cautions that day so schedule a light day of rest after the procedure and follow any the post-op instructions provided to you by our doctors

2nd Appointment: Suture Removal – We will ask you to return for a follow-up check-up in 4-5 days just to evaluate the situation and removed the surgical sutures.

2nd Visit (at least 2-3 months later)

1st Appointment: Impressions – After the 1st visit you are welcome to return home and return to Pakistan any time after 2-3 months for the restoration / placement of crowns on top of the implants.

This is a quick procedure where we will take impressions or scans of your teeth so that the lab work to fabricate the crowns can be started immediately.

2nd Appointment: Placement of Crowns – Once the crowns are ready, we will ask you to come in for the fitting to ensure that you have the perfect bite and a brilliant smile to carry back home.  We will thank you for you to have chosen Inspire Dental for your Dental Tourism to Pakistan

When you come to Inspire Dental for your Smile Makeover Veneers, please plan to stay for around 1 week which can be shortened but allow our team to guide you after your discussions with even during online discussion prior to your arrival.

1st Visit: Tooth cutting & reshaping – On your arrival at Inspire Dental we will carefully examine your teeth and have a detailed discussion once you agree we will carefully trim of your teeth to prepare them for the veneers or crowns as planned by the treating specialist – these veneers & crowns will be made from the latest cutting-edge materials which are all internationally standardized like E-Max or Zirconia material.

2nd Visit 3-4 days later: Cementing – A few days later, once the Smile Make over Veneers are ready we will call you in to cement the veneers to match your perfect smile and allow you to enjoy the brilliant smile all the way back home

Dental treatments in Pakistan are not only affordable but also, they are safe and high-quality. In Pakistan you get a wide range of dental services, but it is essential for your own safety to choose a dental clinic that strives to ensure highest standards of sterilization  and employs the best dental specialists to ensure that your oral health care needs are matched to anywhere in the world.  Inspire Dental strives to be the center of excellence in every regards while at the same time trying ensure affordable dentistry at the highest standard possible. A professional clinic in Pakistan will make sure that the maximum safety standards are met and that you receive the best treatment possible.

So, if you are considering getting your dental treatment holiday in Pakistan, you don’t have to be worried about the safety of dental treatment. You just need to make sure that your chosen clinic is qualified.